Filth the Enabler

Filth the Enabler is a Hip-Hop artist and writer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. His passion for music and entertainment started at an early age when Filth discovered his talent for the arts. Starting off by writing short stories and poetry, he would join his elementary schools choir and band classes as a percussionist. He continued music studies into his freshman and sophmore years of highschool before getting expelled. This is when he decided to risk it all and dedicate his life to being an emcee.

Filth began his music career by remixing songs and fronting the local Hip-Hop group Phenomena: Flow. After gaining poularity throughout his hometown and province, Filth knew the time had come to go solo. Known for his hyper-lyrical and ultra-aggressive style, combined with a crazy flow and unique song structures, Filth quickly stood out amongst his peers. He debuted his first mixtape in 2012 called "Roller's Rights!" and quickly followed it up the same year with the sequel tape, "..Then To The Left".

In 2013, Filth decided to take things to the next level by releasing two original projects. The first project would be an eight track EP called "Rhymes Are Filthy, Beats Are Tantu" produced entirely by now platinum certified producer Tantu Beats. The follow up would be a full length collaborative album with local Hip-Hop artist Luke Skies titled "Filth & Skies: DON'T LOOK UP!!" which included the single "Break It Down" featuring Ruste Juxx. Soon after, acclaimed underground Hip-Hop producer C-Lance would discover one of Filth's songs through a fan interaction online. After a few e-mails back and forth, Filth and C-Lance quickly got to work on the six track, self-titled "Filth the Enabler EP". This project would be released in February 2014 and include the single "The Key" featuring uderground Hip-Hop legend Apathy.

Over the next few years, Filth would not make any new albums, mixtapes, or EP's, focusing his energy towards performing live shows and working on other passion projects. From 2014-2016, Filth would release a handful of singles featuring arists such as Young Buck and Jaclyn Gee. He would also be a featured artist on Apathy's "The Black Lodge" album, as well as a number of other artists projects. It's during this time Filth would also begin ghostwriting and working behind the scenes on other artists music. In 2016, Filth decided to abruptly take a hiatus entirely from music. No longer performing shows or recording at all, Filth took the time to deal with personal and mental health issues. In this time he discovered his true passion for art in general, as he began writing comic books, scripts and painting.

In 2017, Filth fell in love with music all over again. Finding his roots and hosting his new podcast "Filth On Everything", he exploded back onto the scene. With a fresh look, passion and energy, he began recording music and performing live shows again. He quickly formed and rekindled friendships with his future Last Astronauts family. In 2018, Filth and Dayda Banks would collaborate on the much anticipated "EMULATOR EP", which would prove itself to be the catalyst to the formation of the Last Astronauts group. Currently, Filth has teamed up with in-house DJ and producer Trill Monroe for the upcoming 2019 release "Filth Monroe".

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Filth the Enabler EP

Filth the Enabler EP


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